Racing Seat: The hunt begins…

So here’s the deal - I have the 360 force feedback, and it is absolutely fantastic. I’ve got Forza 3, F1 2010 among others, but there’s nowhere to really put my wheel when I want to use it. With this in mind I’m after a play seat, a gaming chair if you will. The GamePOD GT2 looks fantastic, but at 450 its out of my price range when you consider I’m already part of the way there with the games and wheel. Where, oh where, are the alternatives?

"Premiership… Premiership… Johnstone’s Paint Trophy."
— Top Gear is back!
Romelu Lukaku - Good Move That Man

If you’ve played the last two instalments of Football Manager, then you’ve either heard of Romelu Lukaku or you are shite at the game.

Renowned for it’s realistic statistics, Lukaku is one of the highest-rated youngsters at the game, and as he plies his trade in the Belgian league with Anderlecht, he’s good value (well not so much this year as you have to fend off interest from Arsenal).

The last six months has seen this mirrored in real life with Lukaku, who has been hailed as the next Didier Drogba, attracting interest from top clubs including Spurs, Chelsea and Real Madrid.

Lukaku however has done exactly the right thing - commit his future (well, short-term future) to RSCA.

He’s in top form right now, and has been banging them in for fun. Why risk sitting on a Premier League bench and ruining that?

He’s right to focus on keeping his stock rise, and as his statistics show, he is continuously improving, his two goals for Belgium away at Russia last in last month’s friendly his career high point so far. (Pay particular attention to the reaction to his first international goal, you can see how much it means to him).

This tumble may or may not be biased to the fact I want him to be easy to sign in FM12.

Red Bull - A Snub?

Were Red Bull overlooked in the SPOTY ‘Team of the Year’ category? As they are registered in Austria, I guess there is a reason for their ‘no show’, but come on Beeb - they created one of the greatest cars ever seen and dominated F1 this year.

Hopefully Seb Vettel was seriously considered for the overseas personality award, as was Paul the Octopus in the underseas award.

Time for a winter break

Global warming or whatever it is that has made our winter’s so bitter, has added the final bullet point to a long list of reasons why we should introduce a winter break in the Premier League.

It’s a shame, the traditional Boxing Day fixture would be sorely missed. Perhaps we should make it a January break. That is a traditionally colder month after all.

'Vitaly Petrov is to confirm his future Formula 1 plans next week after announcing on Friday that he is to host a press conference in Russia.'

Gran Turismo 5, so long in the making (I remember picking up the prologue years ago now), is set to receive monthly updates to fix bug issues and speed up the game’s engine, presumably in a bid to reduce loading times.

It’s a noble idea, but a very bold promise. The GT series is, however, one of the few titles you would expect to deliver on such a statement.

Read an article on the International Race of Champions in Autosport today. Was a really good read, and talked about who’d be in it if they staged another series now. Imagine Loeb, Franchitti, Vettel and Johnson in a shootout.


The Kookaburra Kahuna I won when I was a kid.

Force India: Two of the Hottest Tickets in Town?

Force India have found themselves in the rare position of holding onto two of the hottest tickets in Formula One.

F1 is renowned for being a revolving door, with the driver line-ups invariably changing dramatically from season to season. 

The 2011 season is already a surprisingly closed shop however, with Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes all boasting two drivers signed up.

Williams also find themselves ready, with Pastor Maldonado, so impressive on his way to this year’s GP2 title, sealing the second seat alongside Rubens Barrichello.

Lotus Renault look set to maintain the same line-up for next season, Vitaly Petrov seemingly sure to get the nod to carry on as number two to Robert Kubica.

That leaves Force India as the top-ranked team actively looking at who will represent them next season.

First things first, Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi did not do too badly last season. Sutil landed six consecutive points finishes between Barcelona and Silverstone last season, while Liuzzi chipped in with 21 of the 68 points the team won.

With this in mind, it would be very, very harsh if Sutil didn’t find himself sitting inside a Force India car next season, something he says he’d be very happy to do

Sutil even went so far as to suggest that all that is left to be done is for him to sign a contract: “We have reached an agreement. The signature is a mere formality, which will happen.” he told eurosport.

Whilst both drivers faded towards the end of last season, Liuzzi failed to finish four of the last five races. Force India will recognise a need to freshen things up, which leaves the Italian sweating.

And sweat he should, and there will be two names keeping him up at night. One will be Paul di Resta, reserve driver for the team for last season, cousin to IndyCar champion Dario Franchitti and this season’s DTM champion. For the last several months the word has been ‘when’ and not ‘if’ drives for Force India this season, but the situation has gotten complicated.

One complication is Niko Hulkenberg, who parted company with William’s in November when they opted for Maldonado. Hulkenberg’s manager Willi Weber did promise though that he’d return to the grid in 2011, and with options running out, Niko and Force India seem a perfect fit.

One thing that will work against Hulkenberg and di Resta is money. Hulkenberg certainly wouldn’t be a cheap option, and di Resta wouldn’t bring any particularly strong financial backing.

Liuzzi, on the other hand, has a contract in place for 2011, and it would actually cost money to get rid off him. Money that Force India perhaps can’t afford to part with.

Overall, it depends on circumstances that we can only speculate on. If Force India want a driver who’ll hit the ground running, then Hulkenberg is the way they’ll perhaps go. If they want to stay loyal and promote from within, di Resta looks the clever option. If they plan to keep the purse-strings tight, they’ll stick with Liuzzi.

This all assumes, of course, that Sutil does sign.

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